Monday, April 15, 2013

Pushed out?

From the ever-informative Joe My God ( comes this tidbit from a book review by Dan Savage. I have read much about Chu’s book, and have put it on my summer reading list. However, Dan sums up my thoughts about religion in his review perfectly:
"My father was a Catholic deacon, my mother was a lay minister and I thought about becoming a priest. I was in church every Sunday for the first 15 years of my life. Now I spend my Sundays on my bike, on my snowboard or on my husband. I haven’t spent my post-Catholic decades in a sulk, wishing the church would come around on the issue of homosexuality so that I could start attending Mass again. I didn’t abandon my faith. I saw through it. The conflict between my faith and my sexuality set that process in motion, but the conclusions I reached at the end of that process — there are no gods, religion is man-made, faith can be a force for good or evil — improved my life. I’m grateful that my sexuality prompted me to think critically about faith.
Pushed out? No. I walked out."
Dan Savage, from his New York Times book review of Jeff Chu's Does Jesus Really Love Me?