Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's in the cards, a Halloween Tarot Reading from Spo

My buddy Michael, of Spo Reflections did  2 dozen readings (for other people)  on All Hallow’s Eve. He did a basic reading spread, using 7 cards. This is what my reading said. My comments follow his interpretations.

Card #1  - “The Card about you” (in your nowadays status)
Card #2 - “Home” matters
Card #3 - “Work” - or what you are doing/keeping you busy
Card #4 - “The Relationship Card” viz. how you/others are doing, and the energies happening.
Card #5 - “Positive Energies”: the matters you should be aware of and use.
Card #6 - “Negatives Energies” : things thwarting you/impeding you/tripping you up.
Card #7 - The “Summary” Card. A sort of what the future holds OR what is your status. It is more a mirror held up to you, rather than ‘this is what will happen”. 

I used a deck called “The Hallowe’en Tarot”, which has suits of pumpkins, ghosts, bats, and imps.  While it is easier for me to lay out 7 cards and read the ‘gestalt’, it is not much fun for you. So, I will explain one by one.

#1- Death   oooh! the Death card! I hear you shudder!  Well, not to worry. This card is about major transformation.  The Death card in this position heralds major changes for you in the near future. It does not mean you are going to drop dead. This is good news. I am glad I am not going to drop dead. Changes? What kind? Ooo, a mystery.
#2- 6 Ghosts - a nostalgia card, or a card about children. Apparently your home life is dominated but ‘child energy’.  A no-brainer I suppose.  Tarot is often is merely a ‘mirror’ to your life.  Hmmmm, I do believe you are correct on this one.
#3- King Imps  A king card in the work position says you are doing well with work, Nuff said. This cracked me up as work is crazy, and I am most stressed when I am there.
#4- 8 Ghosts  A seeking card. Are you looking to expand your friendship circle, or work on your family life/relationships?  It seems to predict you will, or should do some soulsearching. We have had many friends move or transition away from our circle lately, it’s been sad.
#5- 6 Imps  A victorious card; in the positive position, it implies you are doing welll/will do well in work and what you are about to accomplish. This is good news. I just wish my art career would start to pay a bit better.
#6- 9 Imps  More imps!  And this is a negative card of worry. Apparently your propensity to fret and worry is your worst matter.  Lordy, this is so true
#7- Star - a ‘stellar’ card’  whatever is happening, it is going to work out fine. This is good news too!

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