Monday, October 17, 2011

My Hero, part 2

He is the mustard to my ketchup.

He is the Guinness to my IPA.

He is the Ginger to my Spice.

He routinely brings me back to reality.

He often keeps me sane.

He has stopped me from packing up the kids and shipping them off to Sarah Palin.

He is my rock.

He is my husband.

Being the artist in the family puts me in the spotlight on a regular basis. However, being a sixth grade teacher rarely gets you in the spotlight unless you do something wrong or smack a student (thank you Cit Pat and your selective coverage). Tod has done so much this fall that he deserves a moment in the spotlight. Without him and his Dad, our kids wouldn’t have the amazing play set we have in the backyard. Without him, we wouldn’t have the new kid’s rooms and our new bedroom and bathroom. Without Tod and his leadership at Frost, Market Day wouldn’t be part of their fundraising and many kids wouldn’t be able to go to camp each year.
He’s always learning and working to create the best learning environment for his kids. As I sit here writing this, he is working on an on line class to help his kids deal with technology in the classroom. So much of what our K-12 teachers do each and every day is worthy of the front page, but alas it won’t ever make it unless they do something horrible. The paper rarely shows the teachers sitting up late at night grading papers and worrying about their students. They rarely show the teachers working on their own time to work on professional development or curriculum issues that affect student learning and ultimately assessment scores for the district.

Tod is my hero, an unsung hero, but a hero never the less. Take a moment today to thank those in your life who have become your heroes and share it here. Thank you Tod for all you do for our family, for our community, the students, and for me.
I love you.