Friday, June 4, 2010

Fatherhood Friday: Tattoo: A love story

Went in yesterday afternoon to get my sleeve started on my right arm. I decided to dedicate the arm to children's lit, and am having it filled with characters from my favorite, as well as my kid's favorite books. Characters such as Max, Olivia, Little Bear, Hop on Pop, and Harold will now find a home on my new sleeve.

The fun part will be the spider web from Charlotte's Web on my elbow. There is some speculation that a spider web signifies that you are a racist or have done time. I am not a racist, nor have I done time. The web will spell out TERRIFIC! and will hang above Olivia (Ian Falconer's creation) instead of Wilbur from the story.

Tod suggested that I get the web to say SOME PIG! but I declined.

The outlining is done, now we wait for this to heal and we’ll think about what to do next. Bill, the tattoo artist thinks that some Wild Things foliage and Suessian trees would fit the space nicely. We’ll see.

Until then, once the area heals, I am going to give Anna a pack of washable markers and let her have at my arm. Perhaps a color scheme will come from that.

P.S. The title of this entry is from a great movie that I was somewhat involved with here in Jackson. If you are a fan of indy films and love tattoos, this one is for you! I am honored and thrilled to know one of the stars and his family.

P.S.S. You can find Bill and his crew at Depot Town Tattoo here: