Monday, May 17, 2010

Real Mens Project

The Real Men’s Photo Project:
As mentioned a few posts back, I entered a photo of Anna and me wearing our Chuck Taylor’s to this contest. While I didn’t win, I did get picked to be in the show. More on the contest :

Born in 2003, in Jackson, Michigan, the Real MEN's Project is a public awareness initiative focused on getting men involved in ending domestic and sexual violence. After successive Fathers Day campaigns focusing on teaching our sons that real men don't hit and real men don't rape, this year the RMP partnered with Allegiance Health and did a statewide photo contest featuring children and their fathers who take a pledge to take a stand against domestic violence and sexual assault. This video features the jury-selected 31 images that will be installed at Allegiance Health by Fathers Day 2010 and on display for the rest of 2010. The slide show also features every other photographer who submitted photo(s) for the contest. Thanks to every one of them!

Please check out the link to Youtube to see the winning images.