Sunday, January 3, 2010

Inside the Apple


I am usually not one for history books, but this one was on the new books shelf at the library and it looked interesting. I read the first chapter in the “reading room” one morning, and was hooked.
Tod and I have been to NYC countless times, and each time we delve into a new neighborhood or area of the metropolis that we have not seen before. This book is an amazing guide to an amazing city. Who knew that Canal Street was actually once a canal? Or that Wall Street, wait for it, was actually a wall (to protect the city). Sure, these are silly examples, but it’s this kind of minutia that makes this guide so enjoyable.

The back stories on the various cathedrals that were built early on are better than any drama on television right now. From what I can gather, it was just one big pissing contest between the churches to see who could build bigger and better and attract a bigger flock. And the story of Five Points (the focus of The Gangs of New York movie) is made even more interesting by the book’s authors. I want to go back and watch that film again knowing what I know now.
So, if you go to the Apple or know someone who lives in the Apple… I highly recommend this book.

The author’s have a website and a blog, one of my new favorites, here:
Happy New Year by the way...

So what are you reading?