Wednesday, September 30, 2009

And so it begins...

The grand experiment that is public education. Some pics and comments from Anna's first day of preschool on Monday.
This is her teacher and her assistant during the home visit a few weeks ago. Yes, Anna gave her the apple, but you'll notice that she has something in her mouth. It would be a bite from the apple. Stay classy Anna!
This was a tough pic to take. She looked so big to me, but yet she is
still my little girl. Tod had already taken Eli in to the daycare, so
Anna and I decided to walk in together. She decided that she didn't need
to be carried and she most certainly didn't need to hold my hand.

First official school art project.

Eli was NOT happy to see big sister Anna board the bus. Either that or he was pissed that he was inside and we were outside.


  1. What an incredibly sweet post. I don't usually get to see it from the parent side.

  2. Eli through the door, with Anna's reflection!

    Best to all of you!